Moving Box

In preparation for moving into your new property there are several phone calls you will have to make to be sure everything is up and running when you move in! Please be sure to contact the utility services (gas, water, electric, etc.) and let them know you will be needing the service at your new residence turned on. They will need to know the day and time. See contact information below:

Waste and Water
For water and waste services please call the City of St Petersburg – 727-893-7341.


Waste Pro for curbside recycling – 727-873-0800 or

For electric please call Duke Energy – 727-443-2641.
Cable, Phone, Internet
If your provider is Brighthouse, the number is 727-329-5250.


If your provider is Verizon, the number is 800-837-4966.

Gas Service
If you have any gas appliances, TECO will be the provider and their number is 727-826-3333.